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How to Find Love: Attracting the Love Within Us

By Yadiksha Hari / Guidely

How to Find Love

How far are you from love? It is pain and hurt that create a wedge between you and your ability to love and be loved?

The love a mother has for her child is the first time that we experience love, and it happens even before we are born. A mother’s connection to her child begins during all trimesters, however, the love began when your mom was a little girl. While she was playing with her dolls, she dreamt of having her own child, and that thought created in her imagination manifested when she grew up and matured into a woman.  That innate nature of love, caring, and nurture was always there, perhaps passed down from her mom to her. It is built within her. Nothing can break that strength of love.

Somehow as we grow up, we forget that love. We walk away from that love, and try to create a foundation from what we know. But, this foundation is never going to be solid. It is going to fall apart at some point, which will then be further broken down as we try to resist it falling apart. We will fight to keep it together to the very end because we just don’t give up. We will try everything to make this foundation work for us, but it tries to show us that our old way needs to be replaced by our birth right of creating with love.


Resistance Towards How to Find Love

Resistance will bring us all kinds of emotions, however, when we let go and allow love in, we flow, create, feel joyful, and abundant. There is no use for us to carry this emotional baggage because, in the end, we know better than to forgive and let go because we reclaim our power to heal through forgiveness. Your mother may have done the best she could with the resources she had at the time, but it was through her that love resided, you were created, and experienced love as a child. 


Remembering How to Find Love

Close your eyes and imagine a time in your life where you felt loved, you truly experienced love. Open your eyes and start creating with love. Love is present always, you just have to look deep within and connect with this love. We can sometimes forget this love and that’s ok, this love is never going away. Love does not escape us, however, as we grow up, we escape love. We try to create our life without this love, we fail, and we try again until we heal the escape from love. 

If your mum is no more , be grateful for this amazing gift of love that you carry in your heart – omnipresent, if your mum is still present in your life, thank her for her love, and if you are mum, may your kids feel this love always. Let us celebrate birth,  creation, the manifestation of knowing ourselves, and our birthright to this LOVE.


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