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Empowering Coaches: Guidely's Journey to Transforming the Coaching Landscape

At Guidely, we’re dedicated to reshaping the coaching landscape. Our journey started by listening to countless coaches who shared a common challenge: while they excelled in transforming lives through their coaching expertise, navigating the complex world of marketing and social media often felt like an uphill battle. We heard their voices, empathized with their struggles, and committed ourselves to creating a solution that would empower them to shine where it matters most – in their coaching sessions.

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Our Unique Approach

Our strength lies in a carefully tailored marketing strategy, meticulously designed with the insights of seasoned marketing professionals. While the intricacies of our approach remain behind the scenes, the essence of our mission is simple: we enable coaches to establish an authentic and sustainable online presence.

Graphic showing a woman on her phone, surrounded by the words: share your story, informational, testimonials, call-to-action, and personal post.
Graphic showing a woman on her phone, surrounded by the words: share your story, informational, testimonials, call-to-action, and personal post.
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Guidely's Vision:
Your Success, Our Purpose

At Guidely, we envision a world where coaches are free to channel their energy into their true passion – coaching. We’re driven by the belief that every coach possesses unique gifts and talents, and it’s our mission to extract and amplify these qualities. Our team of experts is committed to ensuring that you not only reach your audience effectively but also find fulfillment in every step of your journey.

Meet Team Guidely

Amir Glogau

Founder & CEO

A visionary and passionate leader, Amir has successfully started and exited four businesses and has revitalized a dozen others, totaling over $500m in realized value. His parallel lifelong experience with personal development led him to craft his proprietary SOULeadership methodology, designed to align your intentions, choices, and actions. Amir believes that every day is a gift, one best opened with an open heart and a bit of dark chocolate.

Vee Padva

COO & Head of Product

Yariv ‘Vee’ Padva, Chief Product Officer at Guidely, is an accomplished leader with a rich 18-year background in product management, digital transformation, and executing visionary product strategies. His deep understanding of branding and user experience is a perfect fit for Guidely’s mission. Leading HR, operations, and technology, Vee is passionate about health and wellness, offering a fresh perspective to the team. His love for the arts and dedication to building community engagement at Guidely significantly enhance the experiences for the team and clients.

Shannon Woodruff

Client Experience Manager

As a mission-driven entrepreneur, Shannon Woodruff brings over a decade of extensive experience to the Guidely team. With a background in social media marketing and creative business leadership, she has successfully guided dozens of businesses to achieve great brand recognition. Serving as Chief Guidance Officer, Shannon has spent the last 2 years carefully curating our community of Guides from around the globe. She translates her knowledge and experience with them into intuitive matches for clients. She resides in the sunny desert of AZ with her three strong-willed, spirited daughters, where she can often be found painting, drinking tea and enjoying the sunshine.

Nate Cooper

Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Nate Cooper is adept at crafting customer experiences that are supportive and engaging. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Professional Photography and an MBA with an emphasis on Marketing, Nate blends creativity with business acumen as our Lifecycle Marketing Manager. His goal is to ensure every Guide feels both empowered and valued throughout their Guidely experience. Outside the office, Nate is exploring the latest restaurants and staying active with hiking, biking, and working out in the gym.

Will Miller

Associate Product Manager

Will Miller, recent Chapman University graduate, joined Guidely as our Customer Success Manager. He believes technology is a tool that can be leveraged to forge connectedness to one another, and to ourselves. He works to ensure every interaction between Guidely and its community is a seamless experience, and clients feel supported throughout their journey. His passion for bridging the gap between people and technology gives him an appreciation for what Guidely offers: an eye in the digital storm of modern life. The strong sense of community, connection, and compassion are unique from other digital services he has encountered throughout his own path of self discovery. When Will found Guidely, he felt like he found his home, and aims to create that same fulfilling experience for our Guides and clients. If he’s not in the office, you can find him practicing meditation, working out, hiking, biking, or camping.

Gaya Glogau

Content Coordinator

As media coordinator, Gaya understands the significance social platforms play in the way people consume content. She knows it’s important to represent imperfections on social media, and works hard to create a safe space where our audience feels represented, seen and loved. Gaya takes great pride in helping build and facilitate Guidely’s online presence, and provide uplifting support to our community. Outside of the office, Gaya can be found singing, dancing, exploring nature, and playing brain exercising games.

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