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Finding Your Peace Within Inner Sanctuary Training

By Deryn Higgins, Mh.D IPHM  / Guidely

The majority of the stress and anxiety caused within is about matters that are going on in the external world. We can worry about problems for years without finding any answers or solutions. With the stress of the last couple of years it can feel like we are on an emotional rollercoaster and we can’t get off and find that balance and peace within.

We can spend time going within to find an answer or a solution and when we do this, we go to our mind within. If we can’t find an answer right away, we return to our outer world to our active duties and responsibilities; however, a portion of us remains, still trying to figure it out. This causes disharmony and stress within and not peace.

There is always going to be some type of drama going on around us, there is always going to be some level or stress. There are lots of different tools out there to help you find that peace within. One of the tools that has helped me find peace in my life is called Inner Sanctuary Meditation.

I have tried various types of meditation in my life over the years and the one that stuck with me is Inner Sanctuary. It is a meditation tool that I can use for dealing with life on life’s terms.

What is Inner Sanctuary Meditation?

Inner Sanctuary Meditation is where you create your own sanctuary in your mind through visualization. It is a place that is completely safe to you. This self created sanctuary is where you can communicate with your guides, angels, and ascended masters.

This sanctuary is also where you are able to safely explore your inner world and do the spiritual work best suited for you in that particular meditation. This is where you are able to strengthen your connection with God, source, the universe, and the highest expression of yourself. This is where you are able to completely open yourself to the divine within.

Inner Sanctuary Meditation Assists With:

  • Balancing Emotions
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Gaining Spiritual Insight and Answers
  • Accessing your Inspired and Creative Mind
  • Strengthening Purpose

Women meditating in her room, accessing her inner sanctuary through meditation.

There is order, structure, and peace in The Inner Sanctuary which then creates order, structure, and peace in your outer world.

Prior to learning this tool, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out answers to questions or solutions to problems that were going on in my outer world which caused anxiety and stress within. I wasn’t able to return 100%. This caused me worry and stress within.

Many of us have gone within to think about what we can tell people, or how to help them to change and be like we feel they should be. Think about how we can pay them back for how they hurt us. We isolate ourselves with inner feelings of resentment, anger, hurt, helplessness, or sadness for example. This causes us to Increase our sense and feelings of unworthiness, frustration, and inner chaos.

Inner Sanctuary Meditation Training is a method and means to establish your sacred space within and connect with that higher wiser part of you.

As a result of connecting with that higher wiser part of you, we can feel that greater sense of purpose, greater peace of mind, greater feelings of love, peace, joy and abundance within. Our physical body then experiences great vitality and wellbeing.

If this resonates with you and you would like to learn more, please connect with me on Guidely for a private Inner Sanctuary Training Course. I have been teaching this for over 15 years and seeing the profound effect it has had is a testimonial that this is a wonderful tool to Find Your Peace Within.

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