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Why You Should Consider Conscious Parenting

By Rebekah Rose Wall / Guidely

Understanding conscious parenting

One of the most beautiful and impactful relationships is between the parent and the child and there is so much that can be healed through that relationship along with so much damage and wounding that can be done. So if we can raise children according to what they need and fully support them and also heal the parents through that process then we are really healing humanity. Through healing humanity we are also healing the earth, healing ourselves and each other, we heal political systems, and systematic oppression. It all starts with healing the parent/child relationship which is incredibly powerful.

The process of conscious parenting is understanding that it’s not about the child’s behavior more so than about the parent and how they react to behavioral situations such as temper tantrums, acting out, biting, yelling etc. The core principle of conscious parenting is understanding the emotional landscape of the parent.

A parent holding their toddler child. Conscious parenting help with better family relationships.

Aligning with conscious parenting

Once you have a clear understanding of what is going on within you and what is triggering you as the parent, the healing process can have swift results. Some of the questions or coaching processes posed in conscious parenting may be:

  • Looking inward to see if you are holding onto any specific outcomes that you want to have with your child
  • Noticing if your angry or frustrated reactions are coming from learned behaviors originating from your own childhood
  • Being willing to take an honest look at what triggers you so you can heal it and stop the cycle of repeating behaviors that don’t work
  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Hypnotherapy around your inner child which can help you shift your perceived identity from specific points in your childhood that may have felt traumatic

When you are more equipped to facilitate and heal your own inner child and emotional responses, your relationships with your children will organically fall into more cohesive and healthy interactions. These relationships extend out from the nuclear family to grandparents, siblings, single parents, partnerships, in-laws, and any other close, yet extended family members.

The impact

The most effective results come to those who are ready to step into their most conscious self and committed to parenting as a fully embodied being that is desiring to embrace this type of change in their life, and at a point where they are tired of the learning zone and are ready to take action and jump into fully committing to truly healing.

Our relationships can be our greatest spiritual teachers. Whether we like it or not, at some point we tend to pass on our unconscious beliefs and patterns, so how do we implement practices and understanding strategies that help us break these unhealthy subconscious patterns and stop creating more forward generational trauma? With the right tools, strategies, and practices we can begin to understand our old wounds and shift the meaning we give to our childhood traumas in order to free ourselves from the past and begin to create more empowered relationships with ourselves and our children.

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