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8 Practical Tips From Our Guides On How To Embrace The Holiday Season With Ease

Less is More

Reduce your stress by limiting your holiday commitments and make sure that what you do commit to brings joy, happiness, and room for a memorable experience, not feelings of obligation, stress, overwhelm, or frustration. The holidays are as much yours as they are anyone else’s. Go into any situation knowing that unless people have actively done work on/with themselves, they’re the same as they were before, be unsurprised and release expectations; you deserve the peace that comes with that.

Melissa Reese
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NoBODY knows better!

Your body holds the key to your happy holiday season! In thinking through activities, gifting, and connections with specific people, what is your body telling you? Will this lift you and your holidays up, or is it something that should be released. Body wisdom is intuitive wisdom!

Dr. Morgan Oaks
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Release Valve

Give yourself permission to redefine and embrace your own holiday traditions. So many times the pressure to be “a certain way” based on family expectations, perceived or expressed, causes feelings of guilt, frustration, anxiety, or animosity. The more opportunities we have to choose for ourselves how to spend our time and resources, the better we feel.

Dr. Joy Hicks
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Just Breathe

Holidays present a lot of stress, and although we can’t always prevent it, we can make ourselves better adapted to handling it. Quick breathwork techniques to downregulate and calm the nervous system include a full inhale (till you feel you can’t breathe in any more) with a short EXTRA sip of air at the end, followed by a long, slow exhale done once (or up to 5 minutes); and coherence breathing (creating coherent heart and brainwave patterns) where you visualize breathing into the center of the chest for a count of 5 and exhaling for a count of 5, for 5 minutes (extra benefit if you can pair that with a renewing emotion like love, appreciation or gratitude!).

Tomasz Jasinski
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Disarm the Emotional Trigger

Nobody can push buttons like family. This is because most of “triggers” are created when you are young and around family. A trigger is formed because at some point you did not allow or were incapable of allowing an emotion to move completely through your body. This happens in overwhelm or when you stuff an emotion. Identify the emotion associated with the trigger, think back to the very first time you felt that specific emotion, and allow your younger self to feel the emotion to completion.
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Genea Barnes
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Step Away

The holidays are an opportunity for us to remember to be grateful. When we forget: step away form the party, dinner, person, event; move into a secluded place like a bathroom; wrap your arms around yourself, giving yourself a tight squeeze, cry if needed; and affirm: I am grateful for my life; squeeze yourself tighter and affirm: I am loved, adored, and appreciated. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Step back into the party, dinner, person, event and remember to be grateful

Karen Mills-Alston
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Karen’s website


Honor Love

One of the most difficult things during the holidays is missing the loved ones that are no longer with us. This year create a tradition of remembering them by buying an ornament that reminds you of them. Think of a special memory each time you are missing them and spend a moment gazing at your tree and the space they shared in your life. We should always honor the people in our life that we have loved and shared space in our hearts.

Brook Walker
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To Give is To Receive

Three most important reminders for me during holidays are;
1) To give without motive
2) To give only what flows in abundance within you and doesn’t deplete you. This includes your time, hugs and your individual talents as gifts.
3) The most important one is to put yourself on your gift list!

Anil Chandwani
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