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Yoga Nidra for Better Sleep with Monica Le Baron

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Monica le baron

“If you don’t learn how to take care of yourself, you’re going to burnout and either no longer want to or be able to serve your loved ones.” – Monica Le Baron

Hello, everybody, welcome to yoga nidra for better sleep.
I am so so so happy that you’re here! Let me tell you a little bit about myself before we get started. My name is Monica LeBaron. I’m a trained and certified yoga therapist, I help busy women simplify their wellness so they can sleep better and have more energy to enjoy throughout their day.

I’m passionate about sharing the transformative possibilities from simple acts of wellness. I used simple yoga therapy techniques to heal myself from being anxious, chronically stressed, and suffering from insomnia and pain. And would love to help you achieve that too!

To watch the full replay of the event Guidely hosted with Monica Le Baron, Yoga Nidra for Better Sleep, click here.


I wasn’t always a sleep queen, I was actually suffering from insomnia, anxiety, depression, and I had a nervous breakdown. During the past 10 years, I had different episodes that happened to me. And when I found yoga therapy, that’s when I took ownership for my health, that’s when I realized that the tools that I needed to heal, and that’s why I became a yoga therapist.

Two years ago I graduated. I’ve been doing yoga for 12 years now and I’ve been a yoga teacher for almost five. I’ve simplified all the tools that I have, and put them into my Sleep Simplified book. And one of the best and most important things that I tell my clients is, if you want good sleep, you need to actually prototype sleep.

First, you need to figure out how to balance your physical level, if it’s feeling any aches or pains, and having a good posture.

Then you have your energetic levels- not just based on if you have energy, but everything that flows into your body, like the nervous system, your lymphatic system, your breath, anything between that.

Then there is the psycho emotional level, right? That three year old within you that’s making a tantrum, maybe it’s not feeling happy, maybe it’s carrying things up, maybe it’s not being able to process emotional sensations or things that are going on.

Lastly, the wisdom body, being able to see the bigger picture, being able to learn about yourself, and go through this phase of bliss, right? We’re not exactly searching for Nirvana, but more how to be able to connect with others and feel happiness inside of us and around us.

Settle in

You can either be sitting down, you can lay on the floor, you can lay on your bed. Whatever feels more comfortable for you. Roll your shoulders. Move that with your breath. Now send it forward very gently, allowing and teaching the body how to relax. Inhale, bring both hands up into the sky. Exhale as you bring your hands down. Repeat it one more time.

Inhale, bring your palms to your heart if it feels comfortable, allow your body to relax, allow your eyes to close and just take a moment to arrive here.

Right now.

There’s nowhere else to go, nothing else to do. Just breathe and listen to your heart, listen to your soul, stick to your body, what does it want today? Set a positive affirmation or practice, something like “I am relaxed, I am here now, I flow with ease and peace.” Whatever your heart desires today initially is that first thing that comes to mind. Repeat that phrase to yourself three times.

Practicing flow

Start with doing a little bit of flow movement just to allow the body to relax.

Anytime your mind gets distracted, just bring it back to the present moment with your breath.

Start with taking in a deep breath, bringing both hands up. Grab your left hand, send it to the right side and then switch hands and stretch your body to the left side.

Woman stretching sideways - yoga nidra for better sleep with monica le baron

Now let’s move your neck and shoulders. Just allow your spine to loosen up.
Allow yourself to notice your breath, notice anything that comes up, repeat your affirmations.

Let’s switch to the Adhi mudra, tuck your thumb on your palm and then you’re going to cover the thumb with the palm of your hand.
If you’re laying down, you can place your hands on your sides, if you’re sitting, you can just place your hands on your thighs.

Hand in fist position - yoga nidra for better sleep with monica le baron

Now imagine you’re breathing from the bottom of your feet all the way to the crown of your head. Take a few more breaths and when you’re ready we’ll go into the whole yoga nidra process.

Yoga Nidra

What is yoga nidra?

Get yourself comfortable, if you want to put your feet up, if you have a blanket to cover yourself, allow yourself to be here and now take a couple breaths, give yourself permission to receive the benefits of this practice. We’re going to go on a relaxation journey through noticing our body sensations and scanning our emotions.

Notice your whole right leg from your hip bones all the way to your toes. Imagine your whole left leg from your hip bones to your toes. Notice the bottom of your right foot, the bottom of the left foot, your toes. Your right ankle, your left ankle. Notice your right knee and your left knee. Notice your hamstrings right side left side. Breathe.

Repeat your intention. Bring that intention to your practice. Now feel your abdominal muscles, your lower back, imagine your solar plexus, your mid back. Feel your ribs, your chest. Feel the upper back. Imagine your heart and insert gratitude to your heart.

Notice your whole right hand from the tip of your fingers all the way to your shoulders- feel your right hand, your right thumb, your index finger, middle finger, ring finger, your little finger, breathe. Notice the palm of your right hand, your right wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder. Now let’s move to our left arm, from the tip of our fingers all the way to your shoulders. Notice your left hand, your left thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and your left pinky finger. Notice the palm of your left hand, your left wrist, elbow, shoulder.

Notice your neck how it’s relaxed. Breathe through the back of your head, top of your head. Notice your right eye, your left eye, forehead, nose, your mouth.

Breathe through your face. Imagine that you’re breathing through that area and relaxing all the muscles, especially those in the jaw.

Now focus on all the muscles in your body that are touching the ground or a chair if you’re sitting. Focus on all the muscles in your body that are not touching anything.

Let’s scan our body to see where we’re sensing any tension- start with your right foot, then your left foot, maybe you can add a color for the places of tension and maybe a color for the places of relaxation. Move your attention through your legs to your knees all the way up to your hip bones, the back of your legs, sides of your legs, search for those places of tension and places of relaxation.

Take your awareness to your lower back, mid back, upper back, shoulders, just noticing or if there’s a color you can add, a color to look for, simply flowing through those areas of your body. Notice the places of tension and relaxation through your whole body, scan one more time to see if there’s something different.

You can use your breath to transform the color from tension to relaxation, notice the space around you. Feel the temperature. Notice the space where your body is, if there’s any heat, coolness. You can imagine water flowing through your body, blood moving, imagine all your systems working.

Repeat your intentions to yourself three times. Spread your intention to your whole body, one breath at a time. Bring your intention, bring your awareness to the base of your spine, your sacral chakra. Imagine the color red and feel how secure and safe it is.

Shift your attention to your second chakra, about three inches above or around your navel. Imagine the color orange and think about where your creative ideas live. Think of a big juicy orange.

Shift your attention to your solar plexus right below your ribs, imagine the color yellow, a bright sun. Notice if there’s anything that you need to unblock in this area here.

Bring your attention to your heart chakra, imagine an emerald blue color, your heart pumping energy love and love to your whole body.

Bring your attention to your throat center, imagining a light blue color.

Picture the words moving out of your heart and up into your throat, being able to speak those words with kindness, compassion and respect. Even if you feel angry, allow yourself to be you, allow yourself to speak your truth.

Take a moment to notice the space between your eyebrows and breathe, just imagine a light purple color. Feel the top of your head imagine a white bright light, breathe this light to your whole body. Paint your whole body with this bright white light, take a deep breath and repeat your intention.

Coming back to yourself

Coming to the end of the meditation, slowly let yourself move your toes, move your hands, picture yourself rolling your head from side to side, letting go of anything that no longer serves you.

Picture yourself rolling your head up and down saying yes to life, saying yes to healing, to being you and enjoying life. Saying yes to your breath to awaken your heart, wiggle your toes, your fingers.

Move your body to the right side and into a fetal position. You can use your hands as a pillow.

When you feel ready, move to your left side into the same fetal position. Allowing you to connect with yourself, connect with Mother Earth, your higher power.

If there’s anything else that your body needs to release, this is the moment to do.

You can decide if you want to stay laying down or if you want to sit in a comfortable position. Acknowledge how you feel, maybe notice the difference between where you started these practices and how you feel right now.

As you breathe, repeat your intention, give yourself gratitude for being here, maybe even make a mental note of one way you can use this practice in your life. Focus on your intention for the next week and give yourself the gift of yoga nidra.

Thank you so much for being here with me today. I made the benefits of this session via a ripple effect from my heart to yours.

Avocado Hugs!

To work with Monica and learn more about what her practice includes, click here.

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