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Where Does Abundance Come From? – Creating an Abundant Mindset

where does abundance come from

Where does abundance come from? “For anything to be abundant, it has to be sustainable.” -Unknown 

These powerful words echo for anything and everything we do, say, think, believe, and “be.” What you sustain will provide abundance. Therefor, it is important to be specific with what abundance you want. As there can be an abundance of good or bad, toxic or nontoxic, wanted or unwanted, beneficial or detrimental, be purposeful, mindful, aware, and intentional.


An Abundance Mindset

What in your life is abundant and you wish it weren’t?
What is abundant in your life that you’d like to sustain?
What do you want to be abundant in your life?

What is not sustainable will either fade away, explode, or simply disappear. If you want wonderful abundance, make sure you create and exercise sustainability first. Sustainability requires attention, energy, and action. Abundance is the fruit of the effort put into providing the ‘seed’ with sunlight, water, fertilizer, space, time, and attention.


How to be Abundant

Holding onto, carrying around, and/or frequently exhibiting anger is ultimately unsustainable; causing your body and mind to eventually break down. But, while sustaining this relationship with anger, you will experience abundance. Sustaining anger and engaging with it in this way will provide an abundance of hardships, frustrations, relationship difficulties (of all kinds), and many other unwanted issues and/or experiences. The unwanted abundance will disappear when either the anger is dealt with and healed (not sustained) or you pass on (transition/die). This also goes for stress, fear, sadness, guilt, hurt, shame and pain. These feelings are only sustainable for a very finite amount of time and cause an abundance of all that is unwanted and detrimental. There is no benefit to this; it only causes depletion. 

Now, if you want to experience an abundance of happiness, joy, peace, LOVE, well-being, and fulfillment, what needs to be sustained? The people you decide to share your time and attention with will impact this. The movies and TV shows you watch, the social media accounts you engage with, the food you eat, the amount you move your body, the quality of time you spend with nature, the beliefs you hold, and the relationship you have with your Self will all impact this. You benefit over and over again by creating sustainable practices that provide nourishment as opposed to depletion. 


Sustainability and Abundance

Sustainability is a choice. Sustainability is a practice; it takes effort. Sometimes we don’t even realize the effort we put into something when we’re running on ‘auto-pilot’, but the abundance (outcome) it provides not only tells you, but shows you what you need to know in order to calibrate accordingly. Ultimately sustaining joy, happiness, LOVE, well-being, peace, and fulfillment are way more enjoyable, and the abundance that comes from it is exactly what you’ve been searching for, wanting, and needing. Anything truly sustainable will provide the most beneficial abundance. 

What behaviors of yours are not sustainable?
What thoughts of yours are not sustainable?
What beliefs of yours are not sustainable?
What in your lifestyle is not sustainable?
What relationships do you have that are not sustainable?
What in your life is not sustainable?
What would you like to be sustainable?

Allow yourself to be honest with these questions. Give yourself the gift of insight. Only when you are aware of some thing can you do something about it. If you are taking from something or someone else how is it being replenished? Are you as good at giving as you are receiving (and vice versa)?


Abundance Will Flow


+ Coaches need coaches. Therapists need therapist. Counselors need counselors.
+ Caretakers need care.
+ Fear, anger, hurt, pain, sadness, guilt, and shame need to be met with forgiveness, LOVE, grace, mercy, compassion, as well as open and objective curiosity.
+ Giving must be met with the same gratitude as receiving. Receiving must be met with the same gratitude as giving.
+ Nourishment must be met with nourishment; shared.
+ Giving must never long outweigh receiving and receiving must never long outweigh giving.

Be what it is that you want to experience more of. Do what you want to experience more of. Feel what you want to experience more of. Give what you want to experience more of. Receive what you want to experience more of. Do LOVE. See LOVE. Hear LOVE. Feel LOVE. Experience LOVE. Be LOVE.

Be cognizant. Be aware. Be open. Be kind. Continue to learn and do your very best to understand. 


Guide, Melissa Reese on Self-Discovery

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