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So, who are we?

Guidely originally served as a marketplace to connect people with Guides, mentors, and healers. We also previously fostered a community of healers, and hosted virtual events with some of the most influential in personal development and wellness.

Now, we’re working as the first AI-powered Instagram content creator and scheduler, created just for life coaches and holistic practitioners, to help them grow their business, so they can make a greater impact.

We’re dedicated to reshaping the coaching landscape. This new journey started by listening to countless coaches who shared a common challenge: while they excelled in transforming lives through their coaching expertise, navigating the complex world of marketing and social media often felt like an uphill battle. We heard their voices, empathized with their struggles, and committed ourselves to creating a solution that would free their time to focus where it matters most – their passions.


Guidely’s product

Guidely consolidates everything you need for Instagram success into one platform. Enjoy custom graphic design, personalized copywriting, and automatic scheduling—all driven by our proprietary 5-Pillar Content Strategy.

Custom Graphics

Guidely crafts custom Instagram visuals based on the images you provide, our robust library of coaching-specific images, and our custom templates. This ensures every coach has a unique and authentic feed.

  • Unique, Brand-Aligned Templates Customized Using AI
  • Diverse, Engaging Visual Graphics
  • Integrates Uploaded Images for Personalized Visuals

Caption Creation

Guidely leverages the information and writing style of what you share during onboarding to craft cohesive captions designed to educate, engage, and convert—Guidely transforms viewers into followers and followers into clients.

  • Unique Content Strategy Diversifies Your Feed
  • Easy Content Wizard for Visuals and Captions
  • Content That Engages and Converts Followers

Personalizable Brand Kit

As Guidely learns about you and your coaching, we’ll create your custom brand kit using a proprietary formula from expert designers. Already have your brand colors? Not a problem—you can change them at any time.

  • 5 Custom Colors With Meanings
  • Captivating Fonts
  • Ability To Utilize Your Own Colors

Efficient Content Scheduler

Once you connect your Instagram, Guidely will automatically choose the optimal days and times to schedule each piece of content and post them on your behalf.

  • Save up to 60 Hours Per Month
  • Smart Scheduling for Optimal Engagement
  • Invest Time in Expanding Your Impact

5-Pillar Content Strategy

Guidely’s proprietary 5-Pillar Content Strategy utilizes a mixture of the following posts based on a formula developed by marketing experts using industry best practices.

  • Informational: Share valuable insights and tips that educate your audience about your expertise and niche.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA): Encourage engagement by prompting followers to take specific actions, such as sending a DM.
  • Personal Post: Show your human side by sharing behind-the-scenes moments, hobbies, or milestones to foster authentic connections.
  • Share Your Story: Tell your unique journey to illustrate your brand values and inspire your audience.
  • Testimonials: Highlight client success stories that showcase your impact and build trust in your services.

Our product layout includes a few sections:

Your Personalized Dashboard:

Your personalized dashboard

View your new Instagram feed as your followers will see it—the posts are in reverse chronological order, with the soonest upcoming posts in the bottom right corner. Review your posts, provide feedback, track your social score, and take a look at your historically top performing posts.

Your Progress Page:

Your progress page

Dig into your progress, including total posts, followers, following, and your engagement rates. Tap into information like your profile growth, post insights, and a breakdown of your top three performing posts.

Your Efficient Content Scheduler:

Your efficient content scheduler

If you’ve connected your Instagram account, you can see when each of the posts are scheduled and make adjustments to the timing as-needed. Otherwise, all posts will be drafts. Feel free to edit, add, or discard posts as you see fit. Don’t forget to double check your timezone. As you review the posts, you can filter by which pillar the piece of content represents in order to see how the posts are distributed.

Your profile page:

Your profile page

Review your core information, such as your Instagram handle, uploaded pictures, client niche, offering, specialty, and brand voice. Want to change any of these items? Simply click the “Edit Profile” button in the top-right corner of your profile.

Lastly, your brand kit:

Lastly, your brand kit

Review your brand colors and fonts, along with why they were chosen and how they’re used. You can change your colors using the color wheel or by inputting the hex code of the color you want (for example: #F5F6F7). You can also edit your brand values at any time if you decide that some of the values don’t match your voice or offerings anymore—this will regenerate your brand colors and fonts.

Getting Started with Guidely:

  • Starting off with the basics such as your first and last name.
  • Share a bit about your business. Whether you’re a fresh face in coaching or a seasoned guru, every stage of your journey matters.
  • Describe your dream client. Gender, personality, challenges they’re facing, and how you’re the beacon of hope they need. This helps us tailor your content for your unique audience.
  • Then, pick out a few words from a selection we’ll provide for you to help us understand your brand values better.
  • After that all you have to do is upload a few headshots of you in order for us to create personalized, eye-catching graphics for you.
  • Lastly, after you’ve answered all the questions, sit back, relax and wait for the magic to create itself!

As we wrap up:

With Guidely’s AI-powered Instagram content creator and scheduler, coaches can elevate their online presence effortlessly. From custom graphics that resonate with authenticity to engaging captions crafted with our 5-pillars strategy, our tools are designed to enhance your coaching impact and expand your reach.

But Guidely is more than just a product – it’s a partner in your journey towards success. Our intuitive platform offers personalized dashboards, progress tracking, and efficient content scheduling, allowing you to stay organized and focused on growth.

So, whether you’re just starting out or looking to amplify your coaching business, Guidely is here to support you every step of the way. Join us in reshaping the future of coaching and unlock your full potential today!

Elevate Your Coaching Journey with Guidely:

Ready to take your coaching business to new heights? Get started with Guidely today and experience the power of AI-driven content creation firsthand. Sign up now and embark on a journey towards greater impact and success. Let’s redefine coaching together!

FAQ’s: Guidely and your Coaching Journey

Why is it important for a life coach to have a strong brand?
A strong brand is essential for a life coach as it helps to establish credibility, differentiate from competitors, and attract the right clients. Your brand communicates your values, expertise, and unique approach, making it easier for potential clients to connect with you and understand what you offer.

How can scheduling benefit a life coach’s business?
Scheduling plays a crucial role in a life coach’s business by providing structure, consistency, and efficiency. By planning and organizing their time effectively, coaches can ensure they allocate enough hours for client sessions, marketing efforts, and personal development. Scheduling also helps coaches maintain a healthy work-life balance and avoid burnout.

Why is personalized content important for a life coach’s social media strategy?
Personalized content allows a life coach to connect with their audience on a deeper level and build meaningful relationships. By tailoring content to address specific challenges, interests, and goals of their target audience, coaches can demonstrate empathy, authenticity, and relevance. This personalized approach fosters engagement, trust, and loyalty among followers, ultimately leading to more conversions and client inquiries.

How can a life coach effectively use social media to grow their business?
Social media can be a powerful tool for a life coach to expand their reach, attract new clients, and establish thought leadership. To leverage social media effectively, coaches should focus on creating valuable content that resonates with their target audience, engage with followers through meaningful interactions, and utilize platforms’ features such as hashtags, stories, and live videos to increase visibility and engagement.

What are the benefits of incorporating storytelling into a life coach’s social media strategy?
Storytelling allows a life coach to share their journey, experiences, and insights in a compelling and relatable way. By weaving narratives into their social media content, coaches can captivate their audience, evoke emotions, and inspire action. Storytelling humanizes the coaching process, builds trust, and helps potential clients envision the transformation they can achieve with the coach’s guidance.

Are you a coach looking to grow your business?

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