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10 Amazing Ways to Reach Happiness in Life and Work

By Rúna Magnúsdóttir / Guidely

In the times we are living in, the unfortunate reality is that many people are feeling lost and unsure of their next steps in life, wanting nothing more than to feel happy and fulfilled again.

I have been digging into my toolbox, revisiting what my passion and purpose in life is and looking at ways to better support other people by implementing simple techniques that will assist in moving from feeling lost and out of their flow, to a natural flow of vitality, happiness, and fulfillment.

Helping others feel better, bolder, and brighter has been my main objective, and life purpose. I’m not going to lie, true happiness often does not come overnight. But you can take a concerted effort to carry out actions that ultimately will bring about happiness.

Here are 10 amazing ways to greater happiness whether it’s in your work or your life

1. Give Yourself Space To Understand What You Want In Life.

You must know what you want in life. Write it down.

  • What drives you?
  • What motivates you, and sets your body and brain on fire?
  • What is it that you really, really want in life?

It’s good to ask yourself: If I had a magic wand what would I wish? Once you have determined this, write out a list of daily tasks and habits you can do that will move you closer to your destination and goals.

2. Take Action: Baby Steps Work Magic!

Don’t forget that a mere 20 seconds of insane courage can change your life. So go ahead:

  • Send that one email you’ve been holding off
  • Launch that website
  • Make that phone call to that company or person you’re interested in

Think about what you have been procrastinating on doing because you don’t think it will bear fruit and make a commitment to follow through with completing that given task. You never know what kind of doors you may open up for yourself.

3. Believe And Value The Gift You Were Born With

Believe that the gift you were born with – your X-factor – is all you need to get to your destination. You are powerful because you have an incredible gift. I call it the “X-factor,” and it’s something that no one else on the planet has. Believe in yourself, and believe in your gift. Know that your gift can propel you forward to undreamed-of heights.

4. Know And Honor Your Core Values

Remember and acknowledge your core values. Grab a pen and paper and write down what you stand for – those core values that you will never surrender. Honoring your core values – whatever they might be – is an important stepping stone towards leading a fulfilling life.

5. Choose Your Mentors

Fact: You are a montage of what you let into your life.

  • You get to choose your mentors.
  • You get to choose the role models whom you look up to.
  • You get to choose your friends.
  • You get to choose who you spend most of your time with.

So get rid of the energy drainers in your life. The people who are always negative and who, like an alarm clock without a snooze button, never cease to complain. Surround yourself with a solid entourage of positive people. People who are risk-takers and who cheerfully accept both victory and temporary defeat. The energy from these beautiful people will inspire and motivate you more and more.

On a related note: Associate with people who will drive you forward and give you the courage to let your X-factor shine. Seriously, I can’t stress this point enough. You must have people in your life who give you space and breathing room to let your X-factor shine for all it’s worth. The more people you have in your life that empower you and support you in your success and growth, the happier you will be. I guarantee that.

10 amazing ways to reach happiness in life and work. Image shows a woman on a swing, with a sunset behind.

6. The “Listen To Your Heart” Cliché

Listen to your heart. “Aww, but Runa, that’s cliché,” you say. And so it is. But embedded within is a gem of truth. By listening to your heart, you lessen the chance of living a life of regret. Life is short, you won’t realize it until it suddenly dawns on you one day that everything has happened in the blink of an eye. Don’t hesitate to listen to your heart and take chances. Open your mind and heart, be aware of what you really want. Trust and follow those intuitive breadcrumbs. Those moments and actions in life where you pursue what excites you and feels right, that is what will eventually lead to your bliss.

7. Take A Look At What’s Outside Your Comfort Zone

Want a daily exercise to help you develop a fearless spirit? Every day, be determined to do 1 thing that you are scared of doing. Something that gets your heart beating a bit faster and makes your palms sweaty. In less than a year, you will no longer have fear of what once scared you. This simple act will organically push you forward to continue to choose the life you want.

8. Give Back

Giving back, in my opinion, is very important. Giving back to your community, to society, and to the world at large can be so rewarding. You’ve got to give back and try to do it in some small way every day.

9. There Isn’t One Thing That Fits All Rules To Happiness

Know that what you think should make you happy isn’t always what will make you happy. Society is full of games and arbitrary “rules” that dictate what should make people happy. But what “should” make you happy often won’t make you happy, so get on the “happiness frequency” by continually doing things that, in reality, make you happy. Own your happiness.

10. Find Out What It Means To Create Your Own Happiness

You can create your happiness. You are a creator with immeasurable power, and you can forge and shape your own “Happiness Zone.” Here’s an idea of how to do that: (there are many ways, so this is just one).

  • Find a beautiful, quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed
  • Dig back into your memories, and pull out all the times you felt jubilant and great
  • Write down each of these memories. Afterwards, try to find a pattern
  • What is it about these incidents in your life that made you happy?

Once you have found the core factor that made you happy on these occasions, simply find other ways you can manifest this happiness using that same “core factor.”

There are close to 8 billion people on the planet. Mathematically and realistically, there is simply no way that there aren’t a lot of people out there who’d absolutely love your X-factor! So use your story, your skills, your knowledge, your talents (tapped and untapped), and your natural flow… This is what your “X-factor” is. To live a purposeful, and meaningful life of happiness, without fear or anything else you allow in to hold you back.

If you find yourself having a hard time moving forward and stepping into an uncomfortable task because it’s not something you have done in the past, then it may serve you to work with Rúna, a Guide who can walk with you, and motivate you to take those next steps towards your personal growth, freedom, and happiness. With Guidely, you never have to walk alone.

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