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Are You Tapped Into Your 1-800 Intuition-Number?

See with your Soul: How the use the power of your intuition with guide Komala Rohde. Image features a photo of Komala Rohde.

Have you ever wondered how to receive clear answers from your intuition, or been in a situation where something happens as a result of listening to, or not listening to your inner voice? You know, that inner intuitive voice that knows someone is calling right before the phone rings?

In recent years, scientists have begun to map the human intuition system by studying situations where decisions arise from an idea (or sense) of a correct solution without having an analytical explanation or justification. This has been defined as having an intuitive hit, inner sensing, gut feeling, or instinctive knowing.

In this 60 minute workshop, Komala Rhode teaches you how to attune to “The Intuition Ray” of your innate knowledge. She reminds you that you’re all intuitive in our own way, and that you don’t have to “find” our intuition as much as learn how to “attune” to it. It’s like having your own 1-800-INTUITION number to connect into, ask the right questions, and receive the answers you are looking for.

During this meditation process of attuning yourself to your intuition frequency, Komala guides and drops you into your body as she walks you through how to give yourself some time to connect to yourself fully in order to become present to your senses.


3 Powerful Tools

Komala will give you 3 powerful tools to remember if you’re having a hard time focusing on your meditation to still your thoughts. These tools are:

  • Noticing movement and stillness simultaneously
  • Noticing the sounds around you as well as the internal sounds simultaneously
  • Noticing sound and the silence behind the sound simultaneously
  • The empty mind behind thought
  • To move from an outer sense of seeing to an inner sense of seeing

She explains that most of what we do in life is a left brain experience (stored information), we don’t really use the information from the right brain which is all about clear-audience, clairvoyance, intuition, and inner awareness which is the key to understanding and accessing our intuitive gifts.

Having availability to our right brain is a process that is more fine tuned as it takes practice since we, in general, don’t use or access this hemisphere as often as we do the left hemisphere of our brains.

Intuition can be defined by an example of: When you’re thinking about someone and suddenly feel the need to check in, then finding out that they were thinking about you or needed help that only you can provide.
Some would think that as synchronicity as well as intuition.

Komala explains the difference between synchronicity, intuition, and empathy:

  • Synchronicity vs Intuition – In synchronicity, this is where your sensory and thinking mind is in sync and moves to the intuitive mind
  • Empathy is more about hearing and sound, sensing the people around you and knowing how to read that. An example would be to read the room when you walk in.

To access intuition we have to be open to all our senses. It’s difficult to do that when you are even subtly being task oriented and trying to connect into your intuition at the same time because the left hemisphere can take over very easily. When connecting to your intuition remember that you’re dialing your personal 1-800 number and it takes a quiet, focused mind to reach your intuition.

Woman in nature, with her eyes closed, focusing her mind on connecting with her intuition.

When tapping into your intuition or that internal 1-800 number to ask a question, the simplest way to phrase the question is:

Universal consciousness: Can you reveal to me (Your question). Please respond as an optimum response?

When you ask in this context, you disconnect from your left brain and quickly connect into your right brain. One thing to keep in mind is that your right brain communicates to you in multiple ways, it can be through seeing, feeling, hearing, or sensing, it’s not straightforward so remember to be patient with yourself during this process.

When you ask, ask for an “optimum” answer so you’re not overwhelmed by the response. Ask a question that isn’t so life transforming, but something simple to start, as you become more skilled in this process you can begin to ask bigger questions.

As you ask a question, you can also affirm by stating that:

“There’s a part of my being that already knows (Your question). That part of my being is forming the rest of me now and is doing so with grace and ease. Information is now transferred and complete”.

Before going into a meditation, ask yourself:

  • What is the information that I need to receive at an optimum?
  • What is the information that needs to be given to me at an optimum?

Tune into how you’re asking and what you’re asking. is a wonderful site for more information on learning the art of asking and receiving. This site will teach you how to ask an open ended question which allows you to not have a time constraint or anticipation of a specific time to receive the answer you’re looking for.


Want to learn more about your own intuition?

Komala is now offering the opportunity to explore and enter the state of consciousness in which your intuition will open and deepen your understanding of your higher senses to map the landscapes of your consciousness where intuition opens to deepen your understanding of your higher intuitive functions through color, sound, and energy centers in a 10 week course

During this course she will introduce the various tools and techniques that will help you deepen your understanding of your own intuition.

Here’s what to expect from this event:

  • Gain clarity on how to tell the difference between mind chatter and intuition
  • Get a better understanding of what intuition is
  • Connect more powerfully into your own intuition
  • Acquire tools which will help you as you continue to practice honing your intuitive skills

Following this event Komala will be introducing her 10 week “Connecting to Your Intuition” program. The program includes extensive instruction, practical tools, mindfulness techniques, meditation practices and exercises that will enhance your understanding and application of Intuition in your personal life and professional expression. You’ll walk away from the program with a solid understanding of what Intuition is. You will be in deeper connection with your own Intuition and you will have tools to continue to practice your intuitive skills. You will explore and enter the state of consciousness in which intuition opens.

How will the Classes Work?

“Opening To Your Intuition” is a two hour weekly training that is being taught in a virtual classroom environment on Zoom. The classes are both informative and interactive and happen in a group learning environment.

Between classes you will have homework to practice both individually and through exchanging practical applications with other participants in the group.

To participate in this program, you will need to be at a quiet location with a reliable internet connection. For a full engagement, using either a computer or tablet with a webcam and a microphone is highly recommended. Recordings will be sent after each class although you will benefit most by personally attending as many sessions as possible.

The program starts Tuesday, May 17th 2022 from 10 am to 12 PST and will continue for a total of 10 weeks.

If you have missed this event date and would like to sign up for a future course, click here.

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