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The Impact of Purpose in Your Career: Unleashing Your X-Factor

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Purpose in Your Career

Purpose in your career helps build success through authenticity and allows us to unleash the “secret” behind the most successful leaders.

You may or may not have consciously noticed, but the world is screaming for you, the REAL you. At first glance, this might sound so simple, so easy to showcase, but when you drill deep down to its core, it really isn’t so. The power of authenticity, the power of you simply being you with purpose in career is one little thing that can make you or break you, your family, your business, and even an entire nation. 


How Authenticity Creates Success

The world is screaming and begging for authenticity. People, as a whole, are getting tired of plastic-fantastic things; things that aren’t really REAL. Don’t you, in your own personal and business life, also want to interact with REAL people and REAL businesses? I am sure you do.

We might not all love Oprah Winfrey, but you can be incredibly sure that she is authentic and real. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t say: “She is so true to herself, she is so authentic – she is so REAL.”  Oprah is definitely NOT a plastic fantastic individual. She leaves her audience with the warm feeling that she is one of us. She is human. And, significantly, she has built an empire around who she is. She has used her knowledge, her passion, and her mission and molded them into a giant success machine. 

Oprah is exactly who she says she is. She is not pretending to be something she’s not, and this makes us want to connect with her. Her authenticity created her success.


How to Find Purpose in Your Career

Being who you truly are might seem like such a simple, easy thing to do. But it’s not. It is difficult to be yourself in every little thing that you do. As human beings, we are so conditioned to fit a mold, whether that be through our gender, race, religion; you name it. So do you really know what to do when someone tells you: “Oh, just be yourself!”

I have personally struggled with this for decades. I never felt like I was good enough or like I deserved better. I always felt like there was something “odd” about me. That I didn’t fit in, and that I didn’t have a special gift or unique value to offer. So what happened as a result of my low self-esteem? I made the wrong choices in life. I’ve chosen the wrong job, the wrong husband, and even the wrong type of food. All of these wrong choices provided a life so far from what I wanted. It was not until later on– when I discovered, momentously, that things like my sense of humor, my ability to see the Big Picture, my intrinsic capacity to motivate people and inspire them to action – that I understood I previously had a “blind spot” for my X-factor; my authentic purpose. 


The Impact of Finding your X-Factor

Since my own transformation, I have dedicated my life to helping leaders and their teams worldwide to discovering their blind spot, their X-factor, their natural flow and vitality – in both business and in life. I show them how they can work better as a team by understanding all their unique X-factors and what the purpose of who they are in business really is. In this journey, I have discovered that, surprisingly, most of us have no idea what our blind spot is (hey, that’s why it’s a blind spot, right??)…or X-factor, as I like to call it.

Meanwhile, those of us who HAVE, in fact, identified their blind spot and seen what their X- factor really is…well, suffice it to say that we admire these people and look up to them (just like many of us do to Oprah Winfrey).


Identifying Purpose in Your Career and Life

When you discover your X-factor, your views and actions in life make a change for the better. Your confidence grows. You start glowing from the inside out. And pretty soon, you start connecting with people more effectively and your brand’s position in the marketplace has a whole lot more value and esteem.

It really isn’t rocket science, is it?


Guide, Runa Magnusdottir on Purpose
Purpose in your career
Purpose in your career

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