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Life takes us on many paths. And the best way to navigate life’s paths is with the support of others—a Guide who’s been in your shoes, and fellow travelers to share the road with.

That’s what the Guidely Community is all about: providing you with meaningful companionship and guidance along the way.

Whether you’re seeking your life’s higher purpose, or dealing with hardships like grief or trauma, you’ll find the help you need to overcome challenges and achieve your goals in the Guidely Community.

Guidely Community is an accelerator for transformation. The powerful connections members make with Guides and with each other are catalysts to great leaps forward in their personal journey. The Community is an inspiration to all.
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Amir Glogau
Co-Founder & CEO

What is the Guidely Community?

You may know Guidely as the personal development platform backed by a worldwide network of carefully vetted mentors, life coaches, therapists, and personal development experts.

The Guidely Community expands on our existing services to offer additional guidance in the form of multiple weekly group sessions, live & recorded workshops, connections with other members, and more.

No matter what life path you’re on, you’ll find premium content in the Guidely Community to help you find what you’re looking for.

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The Guidely community is a supportive space where you can connect and get support from like-minded souls facing similar challenges in their lives.

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Get real-time support in weekly group sessions, find inspiration and guidance from our on-demand videos, and get exclusive access to live talks with thought leaders.

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Greater peace, resilience, self-love, relationship satisfaction & healing are all accessible to you with the resources you will find inside the community.

Find Guidance and Clarity in the Guidely Community

The Guidely Community is the only platform that brings together mindfulness, spirituality, and whole-self development.
Join now to find the inspiration and guidance you need to take the next step in your personal growth.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join the Guidely Community

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Meet Our Guides

Get help from some of the world’s most prominent mentors, guides, therapists, and coaches.

Tom Jasinski

Men's Collective

Rebecca Prephan

Full Moon Circles

Anil Chandwani

Active Meditation

Gigi Jantos

Women's Energetic Alignment Circle

Dina Tibbs

The Sacred Playground

Diana Hartley

Highly Sensitive & Empathic Women

Paula Jennings

Journey to Bliss

Jerome Imhoff

Let's Explore A Course In Miracles
Working with my Guide has exceeded my expectations by far in my understanding of the stressors in my life and what to do about them in order to allow for the greatest healing potential. The lessons I’m learning are helping my nervous system shift to a healthier state.
– Guidely Member

Frequently-Asked Questions

Anyone can use Guidely to get matched with a Guide and attend a free monthly workshop. But Guidely Community members get access to so much more: Guide-led groups with real-time peer support, live workshops and on-demand videos from thought leaders, and many other tools and practices to support your lifestyle of personal development 24/7.

Guidely is a personal development platform backed by a worldwide community of carefully vetted mentors, life coaches, therapists, and personal development experts.

No matter what obstacles you’re facing in life, you’ll find someone at Guidely with the knowledge and experience to help you move past it and take the next step in your personal growth.

Our community members gain access to on-demand videos, training sessions, and workshops. In addition, our platform specializes in creating personalized matches between Guides and people who are invested in their personal growth.

Our mission is to help enrich people’s lives by connecting you with transformational Guides who can support you on a journey of self-discovery and growth. We feature Guides from around the world, trained in a variety of emotional, interpersonal, professional and spiritual development practices, to help you overcome any obstacle and step forward into your future with the skills and tools needed to design the life of your dreams.

Our team ensures that every Guide we bring to the platform has significant personal and professional experience with the issues they address. Guides are vetted through a series of interviews and need to secure unanimous approval before being placed on the platform.

Of course! You’re free to pause or cancel your membership anytime you need to.

Yes, our workshops are available to Guidely members only.

For one affordable monthly rate, the Guidely Community will give you access to world-renowned experts who can help you find the healing and inspiration you need to change your life. More specifically, you’ll get:

  • Weekly live group workshops
  • Unlimited access to on-demand video workshops, trainings, and meditations
  • Real-time connections and peer support with other members in our private community
  • Premium content from our Guides, including books and special sessions
  • 20% off your first private coaching session & 10% off for the lifetime of your membership
  • Unlimited access to our premium 21-Day Reclaim Your Self virtual retreat
  • VIP access to live talks with thought leaders like Gabor Maté, Harville & Helen, Julia Cameron, and more

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Join the Guidely Community to gain access to a trove of personal development resources designed to help you navigate life’s choppy waters and find more clarity and purpose in your life.

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