Never Walk Alone


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“I started working with Dr. Froswa after joining the Guidely community. Dr. Froswa is a guiding light and supportive influence in my life!

Dr. Froswa has the propensity to facilitate the growth I am seeking. She is a perceptive listener, compassionate and genuinely empathetic to how I show up in conversation. Each session she assists in developing my needs, goals and potential. I feel the growth that has taken place within myself. I am realizing that I have presence, purpose and attainable fruition of my passions. The relationships with my children are growing in a healthy and meaningful way. The relationships that are not supportive of the healthy choices I make are in a process of redefining themselves.

I feel secure, renewed, and inspired after each encounter.

Always looking forward to the next session!”

Stephanie G
Los Angeles, CA