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What is my purpose in life? 3 Tips to Find Your Purpose in Changing Times

What is my purpose in life? 3 Tips to Find Your Purpose in Changing Times -- Woman smiling during a walk through nature

By Trish Rock / Guidely

What is your purpose? Why are you here? Every human has been asked these questions at some point. However, not all of us have answers nor can make any sense of the query.


Stepping Into Your Purpose

In these changing times we are being called to truly look at what our life purpose is within ourselves and to stop depending on the external world to dictate how we think, feel, and act as we live our own unique lives.

With what seems like the crumbling of our foundations and the falling tower of structured society, we can stay in fear and continue to allow this to influence us OR we can stand in our own power and choose who we want to be and what influences us.

So, where are you in all of this? Are you feeling the call, the pull, to truly step into your purpose right now?

If so, then read on.


Living On Purpose

What if everything around you that is changing right now is offering you the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate and feel into who you truly are?

What if that job you hated has now ended, allowing you to begin living on purpose and in alignment?

What if you can listen clearly to the inner voice that is giving you messages of support, intuitive channels like never before, and lifting your energy and vibration higher and brighter?

So, how do you go from where you are right now, to stepping more fully into your purpose and alignment in life?

Find the silence in your mind and heart. Use the space this current world situation has blessed you with to delve deep into your desires and passions.

What is my purpose in life? 3 tips to find your purpose in changing times -- woman smiling during a walk through nature

Here are 3 Steps to Finding Your Purpose in Changing Times


1. Go Within.

Begin a Meditation practice. Meditation is a tool to stop the clutter and chatter of the mind. It does not have to be crossed legged in silence on the floor. Find what works for you.

15 minutes a day would be the best target if you have not been a regular meditator in the past. I love listening to beautiful music with resonant frequency and tones, as well as subliminal statements. I also love being in nature and will often simply watch a butterfly, bee, or cloud for a few moments.

I will sit daily and meditate for at least 15 minutes as well and in the morning I find that it really sets up your inner peace and calmness for the day!


2. Make a Joy List

Creating a Joy List helps you tune in to what your inner voice is calling you to express more of.

Take a notebook and at the top of a page write: What Brings Me Joy? Then, write down everything that comes to mind. It could be daily things you love doing, could be your family, your friends, etc. Also make sure to think about what brings you joy in your current work or career.

Keep adding to this list whenever something else comes to mind!


3. Find Your Purpose In The Joy

As you go within on a daily basis through practices like meditation, things will become a lot clearer for you in your reality. Without the noise of the outside world clouding you, there will be moments of absolute awakening and enlightenment where you will clearly see and feel who you truly are and what you are meant to be doing—and Being—in this lifetime.

Use your Joy List to piece together a glimpse of a life that would be possible for you, that COULD be possible for you and that would FEEL great. You could even make a vision board with these things!


Clarity in Purpose

Now that you have put it out to the Universe, if you choose to find these moments of joy on a daily basis, your life will begin to look and feel different. It will begin to transform. It will bring opportunities in for you and your purpose will become so clear that any fear around change will dissipate.

How you choose to use your time, feel your feelings, react or act in the world right now really is your choice. What will you decide? Is this your opportunity to shine and start living?

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