Never Walk Alone

Meet Guidely

My vision for Guidely is to become an accelerator for transformation and personal growth on a large scale and while using advanced technology, keeping it very personal and meaningful. It is meant to offer access to guidance, compassion, and understanding that we are all on a journey and never alone.

~Amir Glogau, Co-Founder & CEO

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Amir Glogau

Founder & CEO

A visionary and passionate leader, Amir has successfully started and exited four businesses and has revitalized a dozen others, totaling over $500m in realized value. His parallel lifelong experience with personal development led him to craft his proprietary SOULeadership methodology, designed to align your intentions, choices, and actions. Amir believes that every day is a gift, one best opened with an open heart and a bit of dark chocolate.

Shannon Woodruff

Co-Founder & Chief Guidance Officer

As a mission-driven entrepreneur, Shannon Woodruff brings over a decade of extensive experience to the Guidely team. With a background in social media marketing and creative business leadership, she has successfully guided dozens of businesses to achieve great brand recognition. Serving as Chief Guidance Officer, Shannon has spent the last 2 years carefully curating our community of Guides from around the globe. She translates her knowledge and experience with them into intuitive matches for clients. She resides in the sunny desert of AZ with her three strong-willed, spirited daughters, where she can often be found painting, drinking tea and enjoying the sunshine.

Erik Bullen

Chief Operations Officer

Erik, Chief Operations Officer, is a successful founder, executive, and investor. He has been in the startup and corporate innovation space for more than 28 years, working with organizations of all sizes, from pre-seed startups to multi-billion dollar brands. He has deep expertise in strategy, operations, and customer success and specializes in scaling early-stage startups. As an advisor, mentor, coach, and speaker, he has helped hundreds of founders to grow and to become better leaders. Erik resides in a small sea-side town south of Boston with his wife, daughter, and family cat Frankie.

Jamie McCauley

Chief of Staff

Jamie, Chief of Staff, brings an energetic passion for people & process. As Guidely grows, she ensures internal business operations are both efficient and scalable. Through a strategic lens, she’s able to drive execution of core business priorities, and promote alignment across the organization. With a people-first mentality, she works to foster the professional curiosity and growth of her team. When she’s not in the office, Jamie enjoys live music, hiking, writing, and exploring new corners of the world.

Mike Goldfarb

Head of Business Development

Mike is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur who leads from the heart. His background intersects the worlds of business, technology, and higher human consciousness. Serving as Guidely’s Head of Business Development, Mike leads the company’s B2B strategy and creates value for corporate clients. Having traversed the worlds of business and personal development, he is skilled at discovering opportunities for growth and working with teams to achieve their goals. Mike lives in Los Angeles where he can be found hiking, practicing yoga, and riding his bike at the beach.

Devin Johnson

Content Manager

As Guidely’s Content Manager, Devin brings 6 years of social media and digital content experience to the marketing team. She manages the digital content strategy, oversees content creation, and ensures cohesive branding and reporting for campaigns, emails, blogs, and social media. Her main goal on Guidely’s team is to ensure their digital content connects people with community and support through all their phases of life.

Gaya Glogau

Media Coordinator

As media coordinator, Gaya understands the significance social platforms play in the way people consume content. She knows it’s important to represent imperfections on social media, and works hard to create a safe space where our audience feels represented, seen and loved. Gaya takes great pride in helping build and facilitate Guidely’s online presence, and provide uplifting support to our community. Outside of the office, Gaya can be found singing, dancing, exploring nature, and playing brain exercising games.

Will Miller

Customer Success Manager​

Will Miller, recent Chapman University graduate, joined Guidely as our Customer Success Manager. He believes technology is a tool that can be leveraged to forge connectedness to one another, and to ourselves. He works to ensure every interaction between Guidely and its community is a seamless experience, and clients feel supported throughout their journey. His passion for bridging the gap between people and technology gives him an appreciation for what Guidely offers: an eye in the digital storm of modern life. The strong sense of community, connection, and compassion are unique from other digital services he has encountered throughout his own path of self discovery. When Will found Guidely, he felt like he found his home, and aims to create that same fulfilling experience for our Guides and clients. If he’s not in the office, you can find him practicing meditation, working out, hiking, biking, or camping.

Katy Saeger

Chief Marketing Officer

Coming Soon

Igor Belagorudsky

Chief Technology Office

Igor Belagorudsky is a trusted leader and mentor with a strong hands-on approach. He helps build from the ground up and overcomes all limiting factors in the playing field while maintaining his belief of transparency and open communication. With speed and agility, he not only creates successful professional teams, but also completes races as a strong, active runner with a passion for living a rich life.

Doron Libshtein

Doron Libshtein is a world-leading self-development mentor, author, and strategic entrepreneur in the areas of personal growth and internet. Having been mentored throughout his own career, Libshtein has come full circle and is now regarded as a “mentor to the mentors,” having worked closely with the field’s top luminaries, including Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie, Robin Sharma, Tim Kelley, Marcia Weider.

Randy Davila

Randy Davila is the president of hierophant publishing and hampton roads publishing. He has overseen the publication of books by authors such as eckhart tolle, the Dalai Lama, Don Miguel Ruiz jr., Heatherash Amara, and many more. Books published by Randy’s companies have sold millions of copies around the world.

Shira Moldoff

Customer Success Manager

Holding an MBA with a professional background in the nonprofit sector, Shira Moldoff shifted into the international startup world. Her experiences took her from the city of angels to the mediterrinean capital of cool, Tel Aviv. With a passion for community building and creating inclusive communities, Shira’s zest for life drove her to conquer new and thrilling challenges, both personal and professional. She can usually be found enjoying the outdoors like hiking, jogging, and practicing yoga just to name a few.